About Allen & Company Legal Services

Since 1997, Allen & Company has provided professional legal services in personal and business law to residents of the Comox Valley and surrounding areas.

Client satisfaction is one of the most important goals of our firm.

We constantly maintain a high level of proficiency and knowledge of the law and are experienced in handling the most complex legal cases.

We regularly undertake further training to ensure our knowledge of the law and skills are current.

We take pride in working with our clients to achieve their goals and objectives. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you and discuss how we may be of service.


We believe in putting clients first. This means we have your best interests at heart, and we will give you objective legal advice based on your unique circumstances.


Our clients can expect to deal with knowledgeable and courteous staff, to have telephone calls returned promptly, to have fair billing, to have access to the best up-to-date resources and information and have an experienced lawyer represent you.

The core values of our firm are integrity, client service and contributing back to the community through participation in local service organizations.


Good casework is built from a strong framework. We make sure that ample time is spent with potential clients in order to build a strong foundation. Whether it is small claims or an Estate - we institute a knowledgeable, detailed patience in gathering what could be the key points of any meeting.


We value our ability to weave our expertise with your wishes. We work for YOU.

Whether you are looking for legal representation for a simple transaction or a complex matter, Allen & Company can provide you with thorough and solid representation. Our firm has the experience and resourcefulness to prevail in the toughest litigation.